Risk Mitigation

Giving you the competitive advantage

At Landmark Investigators we deliver customized business intelligence solutions that help our clients navigate safely through all types of environments, including those that present significant operational challenges.

We work with our clients to minimize risk.

In a global business environment, finding a way to close information gaps and make informed decisions has become increasingly important. Equally as important is finding a risk management firm to rely on, which has led clients to retain us time and again for our strategic intelligence and risk mitigation services.

We understand the need to access information in real time

As a leading risk management company, our corporate risk management services help companies gain a competitive edge by leveraging the experience of our multi-disciplinary business intelligence team and utilizing our global network of confidential sources.

Corporations use our business intelligence consulting services when they are:

  • Considering entering a new market. What are the real risks to your proposed investment, and how should they be managed? Who are the most powerful established players, and how will they respond to your entry? What will the authority’s attitude be toward you? What can be learned from other new entrants’ experiences?
  • Looking for a new partner, agent or other intermediary in a new territory. Who really can deliver without damaging your reputation?
  • Considering taking part in a tender or privatization process. Is this a genuine situation or a “shoe-in” situation? Who are the real decision makers and what are their agendas? Is a bid worth the effort and cost?
  • Seeking licenses or other essential documentation. What is the reason for delay? How have others successfully managed the process?
  • Seeking to raise capital. Which investors or other sources should you consider approaching, and what are the best ways to maximize your chances of success?