Whether you need to unravel a complex financial fraud, enhance vendor compliance programs or track misappropriated intellectual property, Landmark Investigators is the investigative services firm with the expertise necessary to assist.

High turnover, fast growing companies, evolving technologies and complex financial transactions present opportunities and challenges, including the risk of legal liability. Landmark’s Strategic Investigations practice helps our clients in responding to these challenges by applying our diverse skill sets to a wide variety of investigative needs.

Our investigative and forensic consulting includes handling issues that involve:
  • Vendor fraud
  • Accounting irregularities, embezzlement and corporate theft
  • Product diversion and counterfeiting
  • Theft of trade secrets and proprietary information
  • Whistleblower and employment-related matters
  • Digital forensics
Trusted by Corporations and Businesses for more than 29 years.

Forensic consulting is a broad field. When you’re in the market for an investigative services firm, you need a partner who will produce solutions customized to your business. At Landmark, our goal is to provide you with actionable intelligence and informed recommendations. We strive to provide thoughtful, ethically obtained insights that allow you to manage risk in your business environment.

Investigative insights tailored to your business.

You can rely on our forensic consulting services to grow your business, investigate theft or fraud, audit key partners and vet new hires.