Our services are available in Massachusetts only. We do not contract out cases to Investigators in other States. We will be happy to refer you to our trusted colleagues in other States but we know this area and we know we will be successful here.

Our seasoned professionals have worked in this area for many years. Our experience in Massachusetts is what we offer to our clients.

Business Services

Landmark can help your business with challenging business situations. Landmark Investigators assists board members, management, legal counsel and others in resolving complex internal issues such as: Misappropriation of assets (embezzlement, fraud), Allegations of misconduct (sexual harassment/discrimination), Cyber Fraud, Theft of Intellectual Property, Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Money laundering, Termination of Officers, Theft of inventory, Violation of non-compete agreements   Read more


Surveillance is an additional tool that investigators use in the course of obtaining evidence. Surveillance is conducted when other investigative methods may have failed or cannot obtain pertinent evidence. Read more

Criminal Defense

When the client’s freedom is at stake in a criminal case, access to information can mean the difference between acquittal and conviction.

Our professionals have worked on numerous high-stakes and high-profile criminal cases, as well as on a wide range of complex civil matters, including civil RICO, securities fraud, regulatory, money laundering and libel cases across multiple jurisdictions.   Read more


When the work you need requires a technological or financial examination, Landmark Investigators offers a staff of computer and accounting forensic experts to fulfill that need.   Read more

Risk Mitigation

Whether vetting a potential business partner or a new member of your domestic staff, Landmark Investigators provides invaluable information to help the decision making process with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.  Read more

Security and Executive Protection

Landmark Investigators has a network of executive protection specialists that conduct threat assessments to ensure your executive is safe no matter where they travel.   Read more

Due Diligence

Landmark Investigators will conduct due diligence investigations to reveal the truth and minimize business risk while providing quality information to the decision makers.

Our services include investigating, analyzing and verifying significant information, such as:
◦Regulatory history, sanctions and violations
◦Criminal proceedings and civil litigation
◦Corporate, partnership and other business records
◦Property and other asset-related sources
◦Professional and educational history
◦Personal and business reputations  Read more