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Established in 1988, Landmark Investigators has the experience to solve your most important matters. Landmark will work with your legal team to collect the information you need. Drawing on our experience we design and implement investigative plans tailored to and informed by the client’s legal strategy.

Landmark will find, examine and analyze information, intelligence and raw data to realize its evidentiary potential. We will identify, locate and interview potential witnesses interview confidential sources for background information, investigate credentials of expert witnesses, trace and locate assets, develop undisclosed links between subjects and retrieve and analyze data files using computer forensic methodology.
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Our services are available in Massachusetts only. We do not contract out cases to Investigators in other States. We will be happy to refer you to our trusted colleagues in other States but we know this area and we know we will be successful here. Our seasoned professionals have worked in this area for many years. Our experience in Massachusetts is what we offer to our clients.


Business services

Landmark can help your business with challenging business situations. Landmark Investigators assists board members, management, legal counsel and others in resolving complex internal issues such as: Misappropriation of assets (embezzlement, fraud),

Criminal Defense

When the client’s freedom is at stake in a criminal case, access to information can mean the difference between acquittal and conviction. Our professionals have worked on numerous high-stakes and high-profile criminal cases, as well as on a wide range of complex civil matters, including civil RICO, securities fraud,

Due Diligence

Landmark Investigators will conduct due diligence investigations to reveal the truth and minimize business risk while providing quality information to the decision makers. Our services include investigating, analyzing and verifying significant information, such as: ◦Regulatory history, sanctions and violations


Surveillance is an additional tool that investigators use in the course of obtaining evidence. Surveillance is conducted when other investigative methods may have failed or cannot obtain pertinent evidence.

Litigation Support Services

Lost or misplaced documents can compromise time and incur unnecessary costs during the litigation process. To reduce this risk, we have implemented a computerized document management system, streamlining efficiency

Risk Mitigation

Giving you the competitive advantage. At Landmark Investigators we deliver customized business intelligence solutions that help our clients navigate safely through all types of environments, including those that present significant operational challenges.


Whether you need to unravel a complex financial fraud, enhance vendor compliance programs or track misappropriated intellectual property, Landmark Investigators is the investigative services firm with the expertise necessary to assist.

Security Services

Landmark Investigators maintains a separate division (Landmark Security) that specializes in Risk Mitigations & Management. Landmark Security understands the wide range of risk exposure facing corporations,

CCTV Camera Systems

Landmark has been designing, installing and servicing CCTV systems for over 30 years. Landmark’s extensive experience in the industry evidences our reliability and long term stability; we will be here to support your system before and after the installation.

What our clients say


Testimonial Photo

” had been in a legal battle with my Brother for over a year regarding my Mothers will. When my friend told me Rick Irving from Landmark Investigators was traveling to Naples to do an investigation at his business I asked if I could talk to him. My friend thought it would be a good idea and boy was he right. Although Mr. Irving was only in town for 10 days he was able to find enough information to get my Brother to settle immediately. He also did a great job for my friend. We both talk about him from time to time. What he does is a mystery to us but one thing is for sure he is really good at it. “

David K. Naples Florida
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I would be sitting in a prison cell right now if my parents had not hired Landmark Investigators when I was arrested . They believed in me and found the evidence to free me. I was frustrated beyond believe and not thinking clearly. Admittedly I did not handle things properly until I started seeing reports from the Investigator supporting my innocence. “

Sean C Boston, MA

” When I made the decision to adopt my Granddaughter I never envisioned the push back I would get from her biological Father as he had not been heard from in years. Landmark Investigators found information that persuaded the judge to rule in our favor. We will be forever grateful. They are the best.. “

Carol W. Salem, MA
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” Our firm worked with Landmark Investigators for 2 years on a major class action case that resulted in a $5 Billion settlement. Landmark stuck it out when it appeared at times we were not making any progress. Through their hard work we were able to find the class members we needed to present our case. Landmark will always be the first call we make when we need Investigators.. “

Paul C. Atlanta, Georgia

A strong commitment

We know that there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing your Investigators and your choice will have a significant impact on the results of your case. That is why we encourage you to take your time getting to know the team at Landmark Investigators. We are recognized Investigators whose case results testify to the strength, creativity, and commitment to our firm.

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Use the free resources below to find information that may help you solve your case before you call us. Sometimes a little investigationg on your part can save you a lot of money.

Massachusetts Statewide Public Records

Find Someone

These sites may aid in your search. Here are a number of addresses with brief descriptions of the information they offer:

  • The Ultimates – An invaluable site that assists with roughly 85% of our lookups. This site lets you search multiple people-search resources in one spot.
  • Welfare/Whereabouts Services Abroad – a service provided by the Department of State and U.S. embassies and consulates to help locate U.S. citizens overseas when there is an emergency or questions regarding the person’s welfare.
  • World Wide Internet Directory – a directory listing people search services worldwide.
  • The Federal Parent Locator Service is the section of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement’s web site lists information, systems and agencies available to those looking to locate participants in child support cases.
  • Social Security Death Index
  • RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative Page – Tracks surnames.
  • The U.S. GenWeb project – A volunteer effort that offers advice on how to find basic genealogical data, such as local churches, cemeteries, and court, land and property records. Each state has its own Web page that lists phone numbers of local archives, genealogical societies and libraries.
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Common Frauds And How To Avoid Them

City Inspector

A person with a clip board shows up, saying he or she needs to inspect the electrical wiring, heating unit or plumbing. After the inspection, you’re told the situation is dangerous and repairs are needed. The inspector has a friend, though, who can help out. You can get stung twice: you probably didn’t need the repairs and the repair work they do is of poor quality. Either way, you end up reaching into your wallet or purse.

Anyone who claims to be a government official or an inspector will carry identification. Checking it is smart, but keep in mind that IDs can be fake. Call the person’s department for verification by looking up the government number in the White Pages phone directory or using 411 information. Don’t accept the number from the “inspector” or get it off the business card.

Pest Control

An “inspector” or “exterminator” visits your home to check for termites or other pests. You may be told that there have been problems in the building or neighborhood. The exterminator finds signs of infestation and shows it to you. But the insect- or termite infested wood he claims came from your home, he brought with him.

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Is your partner cheating?

Use these tips as a reference to look deeper into whats going on. Please do not think that your partner is cheating just because he or she exhibits some of these traits. Be 100% sure before you accuse. If in doubt call a professional investigator.

Changing Habits

Your husband’s been coming home from work everyday for the past ten years at 5 p.m., but recently he’s pushing the arrival time to 9 p.m. or so. Or maybe he use to go out with pals once a week and now he’s stepping out three to four times a week, acting secretive and jumpy. Plus Mr. Practical traded in the mini-van for a Dodge Viper and you’re no longer invited to ride along.

Occasionally there are reasons why you can’t join him, but he should be making an attempt to involve you. Invite yourself along when he goes out with his friends. If he’s working late, offer to bring him dinner If he declines, look into the situation.

Leaving Early and Returning Late

Is he leaving for work much earlier than he needs to and coming home later? Unfaithful partners may leave the house right after their shower, just to have breakfast with someone else. Is this another change habit that is unexplained?

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